How it works

DriverCollect lets you register your journey interests.

No commitment for entering requests: you are not committed to anything until the last step. You can turn down matches later if circumstances change or if they don't match what you want.

DriverCollect works best if you register regular journeys.

DriverCollect does not need precise location. An approximate street for departure and landing point is fine.

Step 1: Create a request

Ride requests (we call them open requests) are made from our home page. Alternatively, if you are a registered member, you can create a new open requests also from open requests page.

Fill in your request's data: locations, dates, times, email (if not logged-in yet). Those are the requested fields. If you need more detailed search hit the "Refine search" button.

That's all! You are now up and away.

Step 2: Match found

Once matches are found you get informed by email. Drivercollect lets you control matches as "active deals". You can view all active deals in active deals page. Drivercollect lets you decide what matches you want to select and which you want to reject.

Step 3: Contact with your counterparty

On active deals page you can view the details of the active deal and contact with the counterparty that suits you the best by using our mini-message system.

Step 4: Rating

After successful journey you can rate your counterparty.

And also

If you want to go faster you can save locations as favourites.

Favourited locations let you enter a request in 3 clicks only.

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