Frequently Asked Questions

Why Driver Collect?
Driver Collect was set up to take the searching out of ride sharing. Users enter their requirements and we do the searching in the background. If potential ride shares are available right away, we will add the top 5 (this number can vary) to your view list. If no ride is immediately available, we will keep searching. If potential rides become available later, our process will pick that up and add these to your list.
How does it work?
See our How it works section.
How does DriverCollect unique fuzzy matching work?
Riders and drivers are matched if there is sufficient overlap of the requirements. For instance if you have a rider wanting to go from Crystal Palace to Cheltenham, and a driver going form Dartford to Gloucester, the system will match the two as there is sufficient overlap in the requirements.
DriverCollect let's you benefit the potentially endless combination of localities and still have an efficient ride share.
How much does it cost to use driver collect?
Nothing! Driver Collect is free.
Why is DriverCollect ideally suited for rural communities?
We realise that it is doubly hard for rural communities to find ride sharers. Rural communities are facing the challenge of availability and cost of running a car, cost of fuel, low availability of public transport. The unique matching process of Driver Collect will find potential rides without having to do extensive searching.
Why do i have to 'commit' to a deal before i can agree?
We need one party to commit before the other party can agree. When you are happy with a ride offering, you can commit. Alternatively, the counterparty may be happy with the offering and commit first. Committing is the last step before the ride can be agreed.
How can i safely communicate with the counterparty?
Driver Collect recommends that you use the mini-message system provided. This will relay short messages by email so you can coordinate the details of the ride.
Will the counterparty get my details?
Only if you supply them. But we provide an alternative so you don't have to. DriverCollect offers a mini-message service that lets users exchange information.
Why we have "from date/time" and "to date/time" fields?
Compared to other car pooling services we take date and time as an interval. Lets say you want to ride/travel from location A to Location B on {{ "now"|date("d M, Y") }}. And it's not important for you when exactly. We will automatically find all rides that ara passing into the given date-time interval. If date-time interval is bigger then a day, we automatically post a request for you for each day from the interval.
What "Repeat on" field means?
Need to ride more then once in a week? Select those weekdays and we will automatically post requests for you.
What "Number of occurrences" field means?
You are riding every week on the same weekdays? Select the count and we will automatically post requests for upcoming weeks with the selected weekdays and "Number of occurrences" times.
What "Additional passengers" field means?
For drivers this means how many seats you have free. For riders are you riding alone or with friends?
What "Number luggages" field means?
How many luggages can you take or you have with.
What "Smoking" field means?
Is it ok when smoking in a car? Selecting for example "Strictly not" will exclude all rides where "Smoking" field is "Yes".