About Drivercollect

Designed for easier car share

It can be difficult to find ride-shares. Sometimes the times do not match, and there can be so many locations and so many options to think of and to sift through. We have removed all that searching to give you more power.

No commitment for entering requests: you are not committed to anything until the last step. You can turn down matches later if circumstances change or if they do not match what you want.

Enter your requests and we will try and match them within minutes and then every hour. If no match is found, nothing happens and you are not committed to anything.

DriverCollect works best if you register regular journeys. We provide a commuter option for regular journeys.

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Designed for mobile

DriverCollect is also designed for mobile.

So you do not need yet another app. Most people have enough battery consuming apps anyway.

You find the key functions under the top menu and sub-menus.

DriverCollect is designed so you can enter your journey in 3 clicks between the moment you click your seat belt in and when you drive off.

Enter a trip in under 1 minute using your favourite locations.

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Designed for privacy

DriverCollect is designed for ease and privacy.

No one can search anyone and no one is committed until they say they want to commit.

Use the mini-message facility to communicate safely with other parties.

DriverCollect does not need precise location. An approximate street for departure and landing point is fine.

Drivercollect is dedicated to providing the best in ridesharing.


The best part – whilst in Beta mode the service is entirely free. And as an early joiner you will benefit from 18 months fee-free advantage.

We are:

  • Safe
  • 100% legal
  • Efficient – both in terms cost and effort


We are still in Beta mode. This means we are not perfect. We thank all our visitors for their patience whilst we iron out any difficulty. If you have suggestions or encounter any difficulty, please drop us a line in the contact form. We appreciate feedback and ideas. We will endeavour to solve your problem or implement your request as soon as possible.

Thank you for your visit and we hope you will try us soon,



Drivercollect understands and respects your privacy. We do not spam or share your email address with anybody. That's guaranteed.