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New for 2021

The issue affecting some hotmail and users is fixed.

Selecting broad regions (Wales, Cornwall, etc.) is also fixed (still not recommended though).

We validate new email addresses once. Searching starts when email works.

If you are behind a firewall or can't access email for technical reasons, drop a line.

We have doubled again the length of our mini-msg messaging facility to 512.

I think we had 100% uptime.

Why DriverCollect:

Once upon a time people would drive and shoulder the cost of travel alone.

And every day when they wanted to share, they had to go to bulletin boards.

Now there is a service that is up to 30 times more powerful than bulletin boards.

People can enter their short range or long range journeys, and not worry about finding the best options.

Because of that the options would keep coming in.

Finally drivers and riders have an effective way to find ride shares, for commuting and for all journeys.

Works on the move

Finds car share solutions that provide great benefits to people with compatible travelling plans.


Ridesharing on our website is safe. We offer a practical solution to maximise your carpooling opportunities online.


Makes carpooling more efficient. Looking to rideshare with other commuters? What about carpooling for long commutes?

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We are mobile ready...

Mobile dominates web search for ride sharing services.

More than 40% of travelers find ride sharing using their smartphone.

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